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Change YOUR mind - forever !

Welcome to You who finally decided to change Your life and Your body!

My name is Larisa and I am a Nutrition & Detox Coach.

I am sure that every person have the possibility to find out how his body works and to know how to use this knowledge in real life - from control of stress to choice of food. My service is made for those people who want to change their lifes and feel itself usefull! 


For those who understand that not being sick is not the same as being healthy, that health - is excess of energy, happiness and most important - self esteem! That is why a program of weight loss and body cleansing "Dream Body" is made! Remember: only you can change your view of life! And your body is only in your hands and only with help of a specialist - you will have the opportunity to step forward to knowledge of the body and to conquest of mind!

Dream Body - nutrition and fitness program

Change your life and body with our program,

Program Dream Body is built that way, that you will understand by yourself in which situations you need to refrain from food and in which to eat properly, when you may eat fish and meat - and when you may not. That will be the solution to your psychological problem first of all! The program is focused on body cleansing, without damadge and consequenses. Without feeling hungry and losing energy. No starvation or depletion of the body!


The program has a duration of 5 weeks.

Before we start we have a consultation.

First week is for body cleansing - including only natural and healthy foods, which only will only improve the color of your face and condition of your skin!

During the following is 4 weeks you have to eat according to rules, to timetable and to physical exercises, that will be given to you after the consultation.

It is in your moment of decision your destiny is shaped.

If you want to change - decide now

Direct online or face-to-face consultation including:


    * Question of weight and figure, eating behavior, your goal and desired result and also lifestyle (sleep, physical activity and other) 

    * Physical and psychological condition at the moment

    * Drafting of a list of tests

    * Duration of the consultation is from 50 to 80 minutes

    * Individual consultation is needed for those whos own attempts to improve health status failed. You should start under observation of a specialist


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